About Just Publishers

Just Publishers is an independent Dutch publishing house. While our current focus is on non-fiction, we are also developing a fiction book list. Our non-fiction book list has its focus on:

  • History
  • True crime
  • Actuality
  • Sport
  • Music


Just Publishers has well-established working links with many leading publishers in Holland and abroad, obtaining licensing contracts and collaborating on co-productions. Just Publishers also develops exclusive material with Dutch authors and artists.

Drawing on its experience and technical expertise, Just Publishers always chooses the supplier that offers the best quality with the best price, keeping overhead costs low and increasing the profit margin for its customers. Just Publishers works with local printers in Holland and Belgium, as well as further afield in Slovenia and China. At pre-press stage Just Publishers collaborates with several studios specialising in DTP and design and with expert translation bureaux.

Books are published under the well known label ‘Just Publishers’ and its other imprints. Just Publishers also develops private labels for customers.

Just Publishers wishes to expand its list of books and related products aimed at the widest possible audience. Just Publishers welcomes proposals from publishers worldwide.